Kia Ora!

Welcome to Te Aratika Academy, a new school for boys from Years 11-13. We welcome you into our whānau, and we are here to support you on your journey at our academy.

‘Te Aratika’ means ‘the right path’ and we will help you take the ‘right path’ for YOU. Your pathway may be different than others, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you choose a pathway which enables you to leave our academy with confidence in yourself, and with qualifications to embark on a career of your choosing. Our vision is to support and encourage you on your journey to YOUR success.

We use three words to symbolise our caring: Faith, Hope and Love.

When you are at the academy, you will always know that we have faith, hope and love for you, and this is expressed in our values.


At Te Aratika Academy, your learning programme is designed with your graduate profile in mind. A graduate profile describes the skills we expect you to demonstrate when you leave our academy.

You will be culturally connected as Māori, have a positive sense of well-being, and be confident and competent. This means not only will you be ready for work, but you will have the skills to be a good family and community member, and you will have a strong and positive self-esteem.


You are unique!

There is only one of you. That’s why we will help you develop a learning plan which reflects what you want to learn, and how you prefer to learn. This is called Personalised Learning.

Pou Arahi -Learning Facilitators

Our way of learning is different at Te Aratika Academy. We won’t have teachers. Instead we have learning facilitators called Pou Arahi. Our Pou Arahi guide and learn alongside you as you take responsibility for your learning. It’s kind of like learning to drive a car. Your instructor is there to guide you, but you are in control.

Pou Whenua -Mentors

You will have a Pou Whenua who will guide you during your time at Te Aratika Academy. You will regularly meet your Pou Whenua in a small group and individually. Your mentor will guide you, encourage you, help you stay on track and celebrate your successes with you.

Individual Learning Plan

You will have an individual learning plan which is like a roadmap for your journey at Te Aratika Academy. Your learning plan shows the steps you will take to achieve your academic and personal targets during your time at Te Aratika Academy.

Your Pou Whenua will help you to manage your learning plan. You will meet regularly with your Pou Whenua to make sure you stay on track to reach your goals. When you are struggling to achieve your targets, we will provide additional support to help you get there. Our Pou Arahi and Pou Whenua are truly interested in you and you will feel a strong sense of belonging and pride in our whānau as we all work together to support you.


Academy Times

Each academy day is from 7.30 am to 4.30pm. This is longer the school days which you are used to. The extended academy time helps you prepare for the world of work. You will find that the day passes very quickly because you will be actively involved and enjoying your learning.

Character Development and Physical Focus

Each academy day begins with a focus on physical exercise. This is important as a healthy body and healthy mind go together. This time is a great start to the academy day.


You will be hungry after your daily physical session and we provide you with a satisfying breakfast. We believe this time together, sharing our food is important for the creation of a positive whānau. This is also the time when we can share upcoming events, and organisational planning.


Our daily physical exercise and breakfast nutures your body and mind. To complete the whole person, we believe spiritual development is important too, and we will have daily karakia during our morning together time.

Learning Programme Schedule

The sample learning programme below shows what your week might look like. Notice how you won’t study specific subjects. Instead you will have blocks of integrated learning. This will make your learning more relevant and meaningful.


Thank you for your interest!

If you, or your son, are interested in attending Te Aratika Academy, please complete the contact form (contact link at top-right of website) and we will be in touch with you to arrange an interview.

Alternatively, you are welcome to drop by the Academy to have a kōrero with one of the Academy team.